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Here's Why DIY Pressure Washing May Not Be The Best Idea

Heres why diy pressure washing may not be the best idea

We hear it all the time from plenty of our Carlsbad clients: "Pressure washing seems easy enough. Why shouldn't I just do it myself?"

"Seems" is your key word there. Pressure washing "seems" easy, but there are many variables involved that make it a harder process than you think it should be. For instance, you cannot perform a house washing with the same pressure washing method that you'd use for a driveway washing.

When your Carlsbad property could use a pressure washing, it's always best to give us a call before you try the DIY route. Here's why you should give us a call before trying to pressure wash your property on your own.

DIY Pressure Washing Can Be Extremely Costly

Sure, you can buy a consumer-grade pressure washer at your local hardware store. You can also get your hands on cleaning solutions. However, they won't be cheap, and they likely won't give you the same results that top-of-the-line, pro-grade equipment will give you. Getting that equipment requires several rental days, and that can cost you even more than buying consumer-grade at a hardware store.

Investing in our services is a long-term investment that will keep your Carlsbad property looking its best for years to come. It's also far less expensive than renting the type of equipment we use to get the job done.

DIY Pressure Washing Can Be Risky For Your Property

You've probably heard some horror stories about pressure washings gone wrong. Exaggerated as they may sound, many of those horror stories are true. Trying to pressure wash your property without learning which pressure settings work best for certain surfaces can lead to:

  • Broken windows
  • Cracked and chipped paint
  • Damaged siding and roof shingles

Not only do these issues affect your curb appeal, they can also lead to bigger issues down the road. For example, using too much pressure can cause you to make a massive hole in your roof. That massive hole allows water to leak in, which can cause accelerated growth of mold spores and mildew in your house. Now, you've got to have your roof repaired AND spring for mold removal.

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